søndag 22. januar 2012


Here the other day, I got sooo inspired from this great lady  
ROC NICHOLAS - and her envelopes! 

I've never seen one of those before!
I had to clean my desk free from other projects and just create my own!

Thank you sooo much Roc! 
This was just a great way to do art!

And here is my first 3 envelope! !

7 kommentarer:

roc sa...

oh wow...i'm humbled by your post. so happy i could be an inspiration! your first envelope is amazing! great job! these envelopes are so addicting, aren't they?! i just LOVE to make them! i'll be looking forward to seeing more of what you'll create!

roc sa...

well i see you are on a roll! haha i told you they were addicting! :}

Bodil sa...

De var knallfine :)

Anne sa...

Oh, disse var virkelig flott! Unike og stilige, og såå fine farger. :)

Scrappelise sa...

WaoooW! Megaflott! Disse konvoluttene er så herlige, dette ruler Torill!

Randi Elisabeth sa...

De var bare kjempe flotte. Herlige farger og kreativt som vanlig:)))

Vibeke sa...

WOW WOW!! Dette er jammen meg noe av det kuleste jeg har sett!! Flinke flinke Torill!!:)