tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

I've been taged of Nyten. It was great to get to know you litle more trough this tag:-)
This is me:
Things I love: My husband Einar, my kids Martin og Sondre, scrapping and cardmakeing, good friends and happy people!

Things I don't love: trouble, people that doesn't back you up but drag you down, snakes and Solo.

Favorite food/drinks: taco and PepsiMax

Songs on my Ipod/playlist:
I love Peter Jöbacks music

I would like to tag the following:
Carole - becouse I want to learn more about her:-) She is realy a good friend, that I met in this great blogging world - and she makes soooo great cards!

3 kommentarer:

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

Hi my friend...thanks for tagging me. You sound just my kind of person...though I already know that LOL!
I will have a think about the answers...some of them could be the same as yours!
Carole ;-)

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

Forgot to say...hope you're feeling better ;-)

Elisabeth sa...

hei hei;)

så fine julekort du har laget;)

hi hi må le litt når du skriver at du har vunnet... hva vant du da når du måtte betale for det??

ha en fin kveld